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Twitter choir is a playable digital instrument, where you are the conductor of an online choir.

Using your keyboard, you can structure and perform your own piece of music in real time by controlling the singers.

Twitter, and social media in general, is addictive, and like many addictions, it isn’t always good for us. We find ourselves spending large amounts of time on Twitter, but it often leaves us feeling anxious and disconnected. Twitter Choir is an attempt to create a positive, creative experience from one aspect of social media.

With support from ACE and The Lowry Twitter Choir was first created in conjunction with We Make Culture, Sunderland; Commoner’s Choir in Yorkshire and Lips Choir in London.

You can record your own contribution to Twitter Choir, by following the instructions on this page.

Play Twitter Choir here.



Created by

Stuart Barter
Clare Dunn


Faith Dodkins


Stu Barter

Web Development:

Orlando Chasey
Seb Dehesdin


Arts Council England
The Lowry